End of Year? Christmas?

Within thirty minutes of disembarking the plane, I was standing in Kirstenbosch Gardens in the shadow of Table Mountain, flanked by verdant flora and stunning proteas, with the sun caressing my skin.  After the chilly, wet day in Port Elizabeth, it was easy for me to see why people fall in love with this city so easily.  I almost began to regret my decision to leave—almost.  The venue for the summer concert series is second to none—in the entire world.

Writing the date in my journal shocks me—could it really be mid-December already?  I have to remind myself that it is Christmas time when I see people wearing red Santa hats with the white fuzzy ball at the top.  It will reach ninety degrees in Cape Town on Monday.

My only previous hot weather Christmas came in Venezuela on a resort island (spent romantically with my roommate, John Mac).  I layed on the beach and then had a fish dinner.  Despite the news of icy conditions coming from Europe’s airports, I am happy to be spending Christmas back in the United States.

My acting debut as a Wise Man came on Thursday in front of 5,000 people at Carols by Candlelight, a Kirstenbosch Rotary tradition held at one of the world’s most beautiful venues, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  It is really special to see 5,000 candles waving in front of you with Table Mountain over your shoulder.  Yet, it won’t feel quite like Christmas until I trade my shorts and sandals for a heavy coat.


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