“Notes from RVO 337” published at Matador

I don’t use Twitter, so maybe this happens to everybody, all the time.  To me, however, it is unique: I have never been tweeted about (at least that I know of), or done anything of note that someone felt must be known–at 140 words or less–immediately.  I’ve never had twitter significance…er…twitter-ifigance .  Until today.


writing from places ppl romanticize or ignore, anything but having the balls to go live: Notes from RVO 337 http://t.co/OkU7TxG

The editor of Matador, an online magazine for independent travel writing, just published one of my pieces.  And I learned about it from a tweet.  I feel uber-hip.

Click here for the story…

Special thanks to my Dad for final editing.


One thought on ““Notes from RVO 337” published at Matador

  1. Congratulations on getting published, Kev! What an excellent article. The imagery is great. South Africans seem to have the best outlook on life- humor amongst suffering and thankfulness to God. It is something to admire and seek to imitate. Thanks for giving us all a glimpse into lives of people we should know but will never meet.

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