Lago Titicaca

sunset on AmantaniWe just spent two days island-hopping on the world´s highest navigable body of water–Lake Titicaca.  Among the highlights were:

-The Islas Flotantes, islands built out of totoro reed by the Uros tribe beginning in the 1500s to escape the belicose Incas.  They literally float in the lake and are held in place by anchors. 

Amantani homestay family

-A homestay with a family on Isla Amantaní.

-Trekking across the Isla Taquile

In lieu of a full description, I´m hopeful that a Top Ten list will be insightful (and not too esoteric).  Presenting…

Lake Titicaca´s Top Ten Rejected Tourist Slogans

10. ¨It´s fun to say!¨

9. ¨Home of the 5 sol ($1.75) Snickers bar.¨

8. ¨You want to get there in less than 3 hours?  You better swim.

7. ¨Where all the dairy products taste the same.¨

6. ¨If it´s not 1 sol, we don´t have change.¨

5. ¨Our kids are cuter than yours¨

4. ¨At least you won´t need to worry about rabies.¨

3. ¨We´re not afraid to ask for toothpaste.¨

2. ¨No.  You´re wrong.  Noboby else in the world has mint tea.¨

1. ¨Put the emphasis on titi